Quick Draw Album Reviews + A Note: Those Disappearing Blue Eyes (For Country Universe)

I neglected to share these last week, but I recently reviewed four albums for Country Universe, which you’ll find below by clicking on the links.

As for why it took so long to share, I’ll be blunt – I’m reeling from a personal loss, and I’m just not in the right mental space to discuss and write about music. I’ll be back soon, though. And I think I’ll return here when I do. I need a familiar home base right about now, though I’ll still be a part of the CU crew, of course.

Mickey Guyton, Bridges

  • Favorite tracks: “What Are You Gonna Tell Her?,” “Black Like Me,” “Salt”
  • Least favorite track: “Rosé”
  • Rating: Very light 8/10

Waylon Payne, Blue Eyes, The Harlot, The Queer, The Pusher & Me

  • Favorite tracks: “Shiver,” “Blue Old-Eyes,” “Dangerous Criminal,” “All The Trouble,” “Born To Lose”
  • Least favorite track: “Precious Thing”
  • Rating: Strong 8/10

Juliet McConkey, Disappearing Girl

  • Favorite tracks: “The Deep End,” “Disappearing Girl,” “River Run,” “I’ve Got A Dollar,” “Good Times on the Horizon”
  • Least favorite track: “Las Vegas Gambler”
  • Rating: Light to decent 8/10


  • Favorite track: “Give Heaven Some Hell”
  • Least favorite tracks: “Truck,” “Boots,” “Hate Your Hometown,” “Unapologetically Country As Hell”
  • Rating: Strong 2/10

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