A Modern Country Music History

In May 2021, I, Zack, published a six-part series discussing country music history from 1989-2019. A modern country music history, if you will. At over 60,000 words, it’s basically a book, but if you want to know more about the modern era, well …

Modern Country Music History

An Introduction

Garthy Garth

Part One – From Bars to Barcodes (1989-1996)


Part Two – They Don’t Have Cash and They Don’t Sound Haggard (1996-2005)


Part Three – We Were Both Young When I First Saw You (2005-2012)


Part Four – Bros and Broncos (2012-2014)


Part Five – Returning Home (2014-2016)


Part Six – A Change Upon This Golden Hour (2016-2019)


The Opinions Section (Parts One, Two, and Three)

The Bibliography

The Soundtrack

The Process