About the Musical Divide:

My name is Zackary Kephart, and The Musical Divide launched as my way of connecting with the country music community. I don’t consider this a journalistic outlet, but my main area of interest with this blog is to write critical reviews, mostly for country music-related items (and, of course, its many offshoots and musical adjacent cousins).

While I don’t consider The Musical Divide to be a music recommendation website, I’m always happy to share (what I consider to be) good music. But through my reviews, my hope with this website is to be a better thinker and writer as well as understand why I like or dislike certain music; I believe that’s how we find ultimate joy from it. I value everyone’s opinion and perspective here, and while “divide” is in the name, my hope is to bridge those gaps in taste we have to be better music fans.

In October 2021, my good friend Andy joined the TMD roster.