About the Musical Divide:

The Musical Divide is an independently owned and operated music blog, in production since 2018. Run by me, Zackary Kephart (who also contributes to both Country Universe and Kyle’s Korner), and my good friend Andy, we aim to use this outlet as a way of connecting with the country music community. This isn’t a journalistic outlet – we contribute to this website when we can and when the inspiration strikes. The website’s main areas of interest include historical deep-dives, random musings on the country music genre, and critical reviews.

While The Musical Divide isn’t meant to be a music recommendation website, we are always happy to share (what we consider to be) good music. The goal with every post is to become better thinkers and writers, as well as understand why we like or dislike certain music, for that’s how we find ultimate joy from it. We value everyone’s opinions and perspectives here, and while “divide” is in the name, our hope is to bridge those gaps in taste we have to be better music fans. Thank you for visiting The Musical Divide!