Current ongoing features:

Reviews (Albums, EPs & Songs) – The Musical Divide covers albums that fall under the country, bluegrass and Americana umbrella. This comment also extends toward my policy for EP coverage, though I rarely feature EPs on this website. Other projects are covered under my discretion. For songs, I only review country airplay singles. Standalone songs such as pre-release album tracks and other oddities are not considered for review.

Pop Goes The Country (Jan. 2019 – Dec. 2019) – This was a feature where I examined the cultural significance of country music’s biggest crossover hits. This feature was based on a chart found in Country: The Music and the Musicians.

Best Hit Songs – This is a recurring feature where I countdown the “best” hit songs of a particular year in country music. The criteria is that the songs had to be top 20 hits or close to it, and it’s the only feature I operate where Wikipedia is a reliable source. Readers are welcome to submit and request particular years for consideration.

Opinion Pieces – I very rarely write these, but every now and then I’ll share my thoughts on a particular event circling around country music.

Other features:

Year-End Lists – Here, I house my posts centered around counting down the best music of a particular calendar year. Unlike my “Best Hit Songs” feature, this is centered around the present day and is largely based off of what I review.