EP Review: Charlie Marie – Self-Titled

The short version: EPs generally fail to offer much of anything substantial, but this is a great exception to that rule.  Favorite tracks: “Rhinestones,” “Countryside,” “Rodeo” Least favorite track: “Shot In The Dark” Rating: 8/10 The long version: In 2019, it’s harder than ever for artists to cut through the clutter. Yes, the Internet has… Read More EP Review: Charlie Marie – Self-Titled

EP Review: Kylie Rae Harris – Self-Titled

The short version: Kylie Rae Harris comes into her own on her newest self-titled EP, and the only disappointing thing about it is it’s not a full-length album.  Favorite tracks: “Twenty Years From Now,” “Missouri,” “Don’t Let The Walls Fall Yet” Least favorite track: “Big Ol’ Heartache” Rating: 7/10 The long version: For as much… Read More EP Review: Kylie Rae Harris – Self-Titled

EP Review: Farewell Angelina – ‘Women & Wine’

The short version: The melodic construction and harmonies are spectacular on Farewell Angelina’s sophomore EP, but it could benefit even more from sharper writing and stickier hooks. Aside from this, the short length of the project doesn’t give it time to really grab the listener the way it should. Favorite tracks: “Ghosts,” “Baby,” “I Feel You” Least… Read More EP Review: Farewell Angelina – ‘Women & Wine’