Song Review: Eric Church – “Some Of It”

The short version: “Some Of It” is intentionally simple, and that just may be its greatest asset.

  • Writers: Eric Church, Jeff Hyde, Clint Daniels, Bobby Pinson
  • Rating: 7/10

The long version: The thing with Eric Church is that, while he will occasionally stretch his wings into new territory (like his last single, “Desperate Man”), he’ll always come back around to deliver something quintessentially Church.

The best part is that even when Church reunites with his roots for something simpler, it’s usually miles better than what his contemporaries are dishing out. His new single, “Some Of It,” is no exception to this.

The main draw to “Some Of It” is the lyrical content. On the surface, the writing is scattershot and vague, but on this track, that ends up turning into an asset. In fact, you could even say it’s intentional. There’s a universality to Church’s examples of lessons learned, and no matter when you find something to connect to listening to this song, you’ll definitely find something.

Beyond that, the reflective track has a hint of truth to it. Our lessons learned vary depending on who we are, and whether it’s from observations, experiences or something else entirely, we’ll learn something eventually as long as we latch onto this crazy ride called life. The song also deserves points for its continuity, with the lessons learned initially reflecting the perspective of a teenager to later reflecting the perspectives of a grown adult.

Despite the song’s vague examples too, Church sells the role of a man who’s quietly reflecting on his life well. There’s an earnestness to his delivery that adds a layer of seriousness to the simple track.

“Some Of It” is by no a world-beater in terms of its message, but it succeeds in the job it was assigned to complete. It’s a nice listen that manages to pack in a lot of truth and wisdom and turns what could be weaker elements into assets. Overall, “Some Of It” is another solid single from Church.

(Decent to strong 7/10)

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