Favorite Albums And Songs – First Quarter 2019

Can you believe the list-pocalypse is already upon us? No, it’s not December yet, but certain music outlets are known for releasing quarterly lists to share their favorite albums and songs of a calendar year. I’m always a fan of Farce The Music’s take on it.

The Musical Divide doesn’t really do that. Instead, I have a midyear list released in June and a few lists in December. However, Julian Spivey of The Word kindly asked me to share my favorite album and song of the year at this point in time. Given that I was very kind to it in my review, my choice is obviously Charles Wesley Godwin’s Seneca, with my favorite song also being “Here In Eden.”

You can read more here for albums and here for songs, so be sure to check out favorites from other music outlets such as Country Exclusive, Shore2Shore Country, and Critically Country.

Also, if you are curious about what my favorite albums of the year are at this point, my Love List Café page can always be found here.

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