Worth Reading: Posts From Country Music Websites

There’s a lot of fantastic writing about country music floating around the web, and the source is (often) just normal, everyday people writing out of passion. This is just a small roundup post meant to highlight some great recent reads from around the country music universe worth checking out:

  • Kyle of Kyle’s Korner Blog just published a new edition in his “deep dive” series, in which he examined Trace Adkins’ interesting, yet frustrating career. You can find that here.
  • Many will remember the Country Perspective blog from 2014-17 (fun fact: I even wrote there for a few months in 2016). For those who don’t know, it came back in September 2019, and Josh’s reviews are still excellent. I recommend his latest one for John Anderson’s ‘Years.’
  • Country Universe’s examination of Sirius XM’s “Top Country Songs Of All Time” list has been entertaining for, well … a while now (one gets the feeling even they didn’t think they’d be doing it for this long). Here’s the latest edition, but really, the whole series is excellent.
  • The always thoughtful Michelle from Highway Queens recently published a piece weighing the guilt some music consumers may feel when streaming “during these troubled times.” Truthfully, while I, too, am critical of the platform, I likely wouldn’t be running this blog without Spotify. Well worth the read.

How about you? Have you read anything good lately? Let me know in the comments below.

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