Miscellaneous News & Notes

I normally just update my “Country Universe Posts” page to share what I’ve written there, but I’d like to share this one outright – “Favorite Songs by Favorite Artists: Alan Jackson,” in which I count down 25 of my favorite Alan Jackson songs.

On that note, I’d like to mention that this week’s of edition of ‘The Unbroken Circle’ will be the last one published here (spoiler alert: It’s an Alan Jackson song!). I will, instead, be writing about classic country singles for Country Universe henceforth (same concept, different branding, basically). So if you like this feature, it’s not going away; it’s just changing forms.

(Editor’s note: I forgot to add this in originally, but I plan to replace ‘Unbroken Circle’ with a new feature – one that’s either fun or my stupidest idea yet. Stay tuned!)

Lastly, Julian Spivey of The Word – who I’ve frequently collaborated with before – was kind enough to ask me as well as a few other writers to discuss the best and worst country music of the year so far. You can find that here.

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