A Note About the Sunday Morning Paper/Column

I apologize, folks. I thought this would be the week I could kick this feature back into high gear. Instead, I’m sad to say I’m suspending the Sunday Morning Paper until further notice. Some changes to my personal life have made less room for writing recently, and unfortunately, this feature is by far the most time-consuming to compile – even in its shortened version as of late. When it comes down to it, while the book project took up a large chunk of my time in recent months, this feature may have taken even more of it, which is why I haven’t been able to make room for many other features beyond it and my reviews as of late.

Plus, while I always sold it as a roundup of musical journalism rather than musical journalism on its own, something about this feature just hasn’t jived with my content lately. I’m thinking about what I want this outlet to be in the second half of 2021, and since my main areas of interest are in analytical posts (through my reviews, in a subjective sense) and historical ones (because I love researching the genre!), more objective, straight-to-the-point posts like this don’t really fit. I had good intentions with it when I started, and I’m glad this could offer something different for half of the year, but I feel like it went off track pretty quickly. And trying to keep up with everything got to be a real drag pretty quickly, to be blunt. 

With that said, it’s not the end of certain sections included within this feature. The album release schedule operates just like it always has, and I’m moving my “single-minded” section over to the Boom-or-Bust Jukebox series, for songs I don’t review for the week. I know, I know – that means that section comes two days later than it used to, but considering most folks absorb new music on Friday anyway, it’s not like the section was ever timely to begin with.

Again, I apologize to folks who did enjoy this feature or looked forward to it. I was in over my head trying to balance two weekly features this year. I am, however, confident that this will allow more time for other features I’ve neglected.

Until then,

Zackary Kephart

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