Single Review: Bri Bagwell – “Heroes”

Heroes Bri Bagwell

Bri Bagwell’s latest joins a long line of other recent singles to form their ideas and concepts by name-dropping country music legends and songs.

And unlike most of them, this one is actually really great, mostly because Bagwell understands her country music history and doesn’t reference her heroes for pure credibility purposes. This is just a simple love song, where the connection is formed out of a mutual love for country music on a deeper level – because it unites, after all.

Bagwell is the type of endearing performer to sell it all with charm, too. And that feeling of going down  a country music rabbit hole is the type of thing I think we all wish for (beyond going down them on the Internet with strangers, that is. Heh). Plus, she doesn’t always go for the obvious references – “Miami, My Amy” is not the most immediate song I think of when I think of Keith Whitley, and Johnny Rodriguez and Ray Price? Awesome.

Of course, it is still, at the end of the day, a song about songs, but it’s one that follows a long country music tradition of honoring what came before. The production is fairly tasteful, if a little too simple. Warm acoustics and pedal steel accents carry the track well enough and let the heroes do the talking. And it’s just great to hear new music from Bagwell, too.

Grade: B+

Written by Bri Bagwell

One thought on “Single Review: Bri Bagwell – “Heroes”

  1. This is a cool song. I really like the steel guitar in it. Thanks for highlighting it as I likely wouldn’t have discovered it otherwise.


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