Album Review: Ryan Culwell – ‘The Last American’

Warning: Language The short version: ‘The Last American’ is wild, unnerving and plain weird. It’s wildly incohesive, yet that ends up remaining an asset on one of the most fascinating projects of the year.  The short version: It’s one thing to focus on an album era and an artist’s success. It’s another thing to keep… Continue reading Album Review: Ryan Culwell – ‘The Last American’

Album Review: Tucker Beathard – ‘Nobody’s Everything’

The short version: ‘Nobody’s Everything’ is a fairly strong debut album that showcases Tucker Beathard’s strengths in a way his previous material didn’t.  The long version: First impressions in the music criticism field can be dangerous. On one hand, it’s fair to judge an artist based on their debut single. It’s their way of telling… Continue reading Album Review: Tucker Beathard – ‘Nobody’s Everything’

Album Review: Eric Church – ‘Desperate Man’

This article originally appeared in Niagara Wire.  Eric Church has never been content with making the same album twice. From the beginning of his career, Church has shown the marks of someone who does it his own way. His new album that released Oct. 5, Desperate Man, shows Church marrying his simpler side evident on earlier… Continue reading Album Review: Eric Church – ‘Desperate Man’

Album Review: Lucero – ‘Among The Ghosts’

This is a re-uploaded post.  Let’s face it – there’s a certain formula to a band or artist’s career. Either their debut album catapults them into stardom to heights they’ll never attain again, or they’ll slowly build on each release and maintain a level of consistency before people complain about them getting stale. After 20… Continue reading Album Review: Lucero – ‘Among The Ghosts’