Album Review: Joey McGee – ‘El Camino Real’

The short version: ‘El Camino Real’ is another solid project from Joey McGee. Favorite tracks: “Stuck,” “Pining,” “Old Beat Up Car,” “The Cape” Least favorite track: “The War You Wanted” Rating: 7/10 The long version: It says something in the modern Internet age that reviewing an album just two months after its release counts as… Continue reading Album Review: Joey McGee – ‘El Camino Real’

Album Review: Rod Melancon – ‘Pinkville’

The short version: Rod Melancon goes further than ever before with his primal, unsettling and visceral tones on ‘Pinkville.’ Favorite tracks: “The Heartbreakers,” “Westgate,” “Cobra,” “Rehabilitation,” “Lord Knows” Least favorite track: “Corpus Christi Carwash” Rating: 9/10 The long version: In troubled times, music is a either a source of refuge from turmoil or another channel… Continue reading Album Review: Rod Melancon – ‘Pinkville’

Album Review: Hayes Carll – ‘What It Is’

The short version: Hayes Carll’s ‘What It Is’ doesn’t have a poor foundation, but it suffers from a lack of expansion and poor execution. Favorite tracks: “Be There,” “Beautiful Thing,” “Times Like These,” “Fragile Men” Least favorite track: “Jesus and Elvis” Rating: 5/10 The long version: Life’s messy, and sometimes the art we hear reflects… Continue reading Album Review: Hayes Carll – ‘What It Is’

Album Review: Alice Wallace – ‘Into The Blue’

The short version: Alice Wallace’s ‘Into The Blue’ pays tribute to her home of California in a different way than past albums, and this makes for an incredibly good listen. With that said, the project can feel a tad scattershot sonically and lyrically. Favorite tracks: “Echo Canyon,” “Santa Ana Winds,” “Desert Rose,” “The Lonely Talking,” “Elephants”… Continue reading Album Review: Alice Wallace – ‘Into The Blue’

Album Review: The August Empire – Self-Titled

The short version: The August Empire’s journey into the unknown of the afterlife is melodically pleasing, and the harmonies are on point. Lyrically though, the project is just shy of greatness. Favorite tracks: “Garden Of Eden,” “The Afterlife,” “Los Angeles,” “Lonely After All” Least favorite track: “Lights Out” Rating: 6/10 The long version: For all… Continue reading Album Review: The August Empire – Self-Titled

Album Review: Lucie Silvas – ‘E.G.O.’

The short version: Lucie Silvas’ ‘E.G.O.’ is a daring effort with many highlights. It’s only issue is that it’s a tad inconsistent. Otherwise, this is a really interesting listen. The long version: It’s rare that you see artists come “full circle,” so to speak. Lucie Silvas may have started in pop over a decade ago… Continue reading Album Review: Lucie Silvas – ‘E.G.O.’