Album Review: Joey McGee – ‘El Camino Real’

The short version: ‘El Camino Real’ is another solid project from Joey McGee. Favorite tracks: “Stuck,” “Pining,” “Old Beat Up Car,” “The Cape” Least favorite track: “The War You Wanted” Rating: 7/10 The long version: It says something in the modern Internet age that reviewing an album just two months after its release counts as… Read More Album Review: Joey McGee – ‘El Camino Real’

Album Review: Rod Melancon – ‘Pinkville’

The short version: Rod Melancon goes further than ever before with his primal, unsettling and visceral tones on ‘Pinkville.’ Favorite tracks: “The Heartbreakers,” “Westgate,” “Cobra,” “Rehabilitation,” “Lord Knows” Least favorite track: “Corpus Christi Carwash” Rating: 9/10 The long version: In troubled times, music is a either a source of refuge from turmoil or another channel… Read More Album Review: Rod Melancon – ‘Pinkville’

Album Review: Hayes Carll – ‘What It Is’

The short version: Hayes Carll’s ‘What It Is’ doesn’t have a poor foundation, but it suffers from a lack of expansion and poor execution. Favorite tracks: “Be There,” “Beautiful Thing,” “Times Like These,” “Fragile Men” Least favorite track: “Jesus and Elvis” Rating: 5/10 The long version: Life’s messy, and sometimes the art we hear reflects… Read More Album Review: Hayes Carll – ‘What It Is’

Album Review: Alice Wallace – ‘Into The Blue’

The short version: Alice Wallace’s ‘Into The Blue’ pays tribute to her home of California in a different way than past albums, and this makes for an incredibly good listen. With that said, the project can feel a tad scattershot sonically and lyrically. Favorite tracks: “Echo Canyon,” “Santa Ana Winds,” “Desert Rose,” “The Lonely Talking,” “Elephants”… Read More Album Review: Alice Wallace – ‘Into The Blue’

Album Review: The August Empire – Self-Titled

The short version: The August Empire’s journey into the unknown of the afterlife is melodically pleasing, and the harmonies are on point. Lyrically though, the project is just shy of greatness. Favorite tracks: “Garden Of Eden,” “The Afterlife,” “Los Angeles,” “Lonely After All” Least favorite track: “Lights Out” Rating: 6/10 The long version: For all… Read More Album Review: The August Empire – Self-Titled

Album Review: Lucie Silvas – ‘E.G.O.’

The short version: Lucie Silvas’ ‘E.G.O.’ is a daring effort with many highlights. It’s only issue is that it’s a tad inconsistent. Otherwise, this is a really interesting listen. The long version: It’s rare that you see artists come “full circle,” so to speak. Lucie Silvas may have started in pop over a decade ago… Read More Album Review: Lucie Silvas – ‘E.G.O.’

Album Review: Ryan Culwell – ‘The Last American’

Warning: Language The short version: ‘The Last American’ is wild, unnerving and plain weird. It’s wildly incohesive, yet that ends up remaining an asset on one of the most fascinating projects of the year.  The short version: It’s one thing to focus on an album era and an artist’s success. It’s another thing to keep… Read More Album Review: Ryan Culwell – ‘The Last American’

Album Review: Lucero – ‘Among The Ghosts’

This is a re-uploaded post.  Let’s face it – there’s a certain formula to a band or artist’s career. Either their debut album catapults them into stardom to heights they’ll never attain again, or they’ll slowly build on each release and maintain a level of consistency before people complain about them getting stale. After 20… Read More Album Review: Lucero – ‘Among The Ghosts’