Album Review: Ian Noe – ‘Between The Country’

The short version: Ian Noe’s ‘Between The Country’ is a stunning portrayal of southern living framed by excellent storytelling, passionate performances and equally great production. For a debut, this is exceptional, though, this is exceptional in any capacity. In other words, it’s one of the best albums of 2019 thus far. Favorite tracks: “Letter To… Continue reading Album Review: Ian Noe – ‘Between The Country’

Song Review: High Valley – “Single Man”

The short version: High Valley continue doing what they do best on “Single Man.” Writers: Brad Rempel, Curtis Rempel Derick Southerland, Jordan Schmidt Rating: 7/10 The long version: You know, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” isn’t always the worst model to adopt. Ever since High Valley crossed over into the United States, they’ve… Continue reading Song Review: High Valley – “Single Man”

Album Review: Emily Scott Robinson – ‘Traveling Mercies’

The short version: The production can leave a little to be desired, and there’s some slight inconsistencies with this album, but ‘Traveling Mercies’ showcases a bright young talent in Emily Scott Robinson.  Favorite tracks: “Shoshone Rose,” “Delta Line,” “Borrowed Rooms and Old Wood Floors,” “Run,” “Westward Bound” Least favorite track: “White Hot Country Mess” Rating:… Continue reading Album Review: Emily Scott Robinson – ‘Traveling Mercies’

Album Review: Saor – ‘Forgotten Paths’

The short version: For something different, I take a look at the newest album from Saor, a Scottish black metal band that won me over by adding elements of Celtic folk into the mix. Their newest album, ‘Forgotten Paths’ is an album that hits my musical sweet spot, and while it’s a little out of… Continue reading Album Review: Saor – ‘Forgotten Paths’

Album Review: Charles Wesley Godwin – ‘Seneca’

The short version: There’s a refined boldness to Charles Wesley Godwin’s debut album, ‘Seneca,’ that suggests he’ll be around for a lot longer, if not the next big thing. In other words, ‘Seneca’ is an early contender for one of 2019’s best albums. Favorite tracks: “(Windmill) Keep On Turning,” “Seneca Creek,” “Hardwood Floors,” “Here In… Continue reading Album Review: Charles Wesley Godwin – ‘Seneca’

Album Review: Alice Wallace – ‘Into The Blue’

The short version: Alice Wallace’s ‘Into The Blue’ pays tribute to her home of California in a different way than past albums, and this makes for an incredibly good listen. With that said, the project can feel a tad scattershot sonically and lyrically. Favorite tracks: “Echo Canyon,” “Santa Ana Winds,” “Desert Rose,” “The Lonely Talking,” “Elephants”… Continue reading Album Review: Alice Wallace – ‘Into The Blue’