Album Review: Randy Houser – ‘Magnolia’

The short version: ‘Magnolia’ is a fine return to form for Randy Houser. Favorite tracks: “What Leaving Looks Like,” “Evangeline,” “Running Man,” “No Stone Unturned,” “What Whiskey Does (feat. Hillary Lindsey)” Least favorite track: “Mamma Don’t Know” Rating: 7/10 The long version: It’s very rare you’ll see artists reflect on the music they made just… Read More Album Review: Randy Houser – ‘Magnolia’

The Musical Divide’s Top 50 Songs Of 2018 (Part One)

The Musical Divide’s third list of five launches today. While crafting an artistic statement in the form of an album is important, crafting an excellent song is arguably harder. Albums give artists an average of half an hour to an hour (typically) to win you over. Meanwhile, songs have to do the same job within… Read More The Musical Divide’s Top 50 Songs Of 2018 (Part One)

Album Review: Lucie Silvas – ‘E.G.O.’

The short version: Lucie Silvas’ ‘E.G.O.’ is a daring effort with many highlights. It’s only issue is that it’s a tad inconsistent. Otherwise, this is a really interesting listen. The long version: It’s rare that you see artists come “full circle,” so to speak. Lucie Silvas may have started in pop over a decade ago… Read More Album Review: Lucie Silvas – ‘E.G.O.’