Favorite Songs of 2021

50 songs that gave me some relief in 2021.

By The Way, Brandi Carlile Is Dominating 2019

I’m sure no one wants to hear the “real country” debate get brought up again. To some, this issue is about the sound of the country music genre and little more. From a broad perspective, it also looks at representation. Therefore, whether artists identify as “country,” “Americana,” “roots,” or whatever else, it doesn’t exclude them… Continue reading By The Way, Brandi Carlile Is Dominating 2019

Album Review: Maren Morris – ‘GIRL’

The short version: Most of the problems from ‘HERO’ carry over to Maren Morris’ sophomore album, ‘GIRL.’ Favorite tracks: “Great Ones,” “A Song For Everything,” “GIRL,” “Shade” Least favorite tracks: “RSVP,” “Make Out With Me” Rating: 5/10 The long version: Maren Morris. To some, that name is synonymous with everything wrong with current mainstream country… Continue reading Album Review: Maren Morris – ‘GIRL’