Favorite Songs of 2021

50 songs that gave me some relief in 2021.

The Best Songs Of 2019

A yearly tradition of counting down 50 songs from the year that resonated with me

The Musical Divide’s 2019 Midyear Report

As we approach the midway point of 2019, it’s time to reflect on what the best music of the calendar year has been thus far. At this point, The Musical Divide has reviewed over 50 albums and EPs this year, with many of them finding a spot on this list. As far as quality is… Continue reading The Musical Divide’s 2019 Midyear Report

Album Review: Yola – ‘Walk Through Fire’

The short version: Through compelling performances and stellar songs, Yola’s ‘Walk Through Fire’ is incredibly easy to like. Favorite tracks: “Lonely The Night,” “Ride Out In The Country,” “Faraway Look,” “Rock Me Gently,” “Still Gone” Least favorite track: “Walk Through Fire” Rating: 8/10 The long version: While it’s not uncommon to hear artists adopt retro… Continue reading Album Review: Yola – ‘Walk Through Fire’

Upcoming Country/Americana Music Releases For 2019

Just as it went with 2018, the beginning of next year is front loaded with (potentially) stellar projects. The following is a list for the biggest upcoming releases in the country music universe you can look forward to hearing. Follow along with the full list throughout the year here. Please keep in mind this is… Continue reading Upcoming Country/Americana Music Releases For 2019