The Best Songs Of 2019

A yearly tradition of counting down 50 songs from the year that resonated with me

The Musical Divide’s 2019 Midyear Report

As we approach the midway point of 2019, it’s time to reflect on what the best music of the calendar year has been thus far. At this point, The Musical Divide has reviewed over 50 albums and EPs this year, with many of them finding a spot on this list. As far as quality is… Continue reading The Musical Divide’s 2019 Midyear Report

Album Review: Lauren Jenkins – ‘No Saint’

The short version: While there’s still the mystery of who Lauren Jenkins is, ‘No Saint’ is a compelling listen in all regards. More than that though, I’d say this album’s importance to the genre equally matches my enjoyment of it. Favorite tracks: “No Saint,” “Give Up The Ghost,” “Blood,” “Maker’s Mark And You,” “Running Out… Continue reading Album Review: Lauren Jenkins – ‘No Saint’