The Best Albums of 2020

The albums that shaped my year.

Brooks & Dunn’s ‘Reboot’ Ranked Worst To Best

I wasn’t planning to review this in any capacity, but given that I covered new albums from George Strait and Reba McEntire recently, I might as well come full circle with the ’90s country trifecta. Because this album is mainly just a series of Brooks & Dunn re-recording their biggest hits with the new generation… Continue reading Brooks & Dunn’s ‘Reboot’ Ranked Worst To Best

Album Review: Maren Morris – ‘GIRL’

The short version: Most of the problems from ‘HERO’ carry over to Maren Morris’ sophomore album, ‘GIRL.’ Favorite tracks: “Great Ones,” “A Song For Everything,” “GIRL,” “Shade” Least favorite tracks: “RSVP,” “Make Out With Me” Rating: 5/10 The long version: Maren Morris. To some, that name is synonymous with everything wrong with current mainstream country… Continue reading Album Review: Maren Morris – ‘GIRL’