Favorite Hit Country Songs of the 2000s

Favorite hit country songs of an entire decade – The 2000s.

The Musical Divide’s Top 50 Songs Of 2018 (Part One)

The Musical Divide’s third list of five launches today. While crafting an artistic statement in the form of an album is important, crafting an excellent song is arguably harder. Albums give artists an average of half an hour to an hour (typically) to win you over. Meanwhile, songs have to do the same job within… Continue reading The Musical Divide’s Top 50 Songs Of 2018 (Part One)

Album Review: Carrie Underwood – ‘Cry Pretty’

This is a re-uploaded post.  Carrie Underwood’s label switch from Sony Music Nashville to Capitol Records Nashville was a crucial and mysterious move. As the country music industry continues to succumb to ongoing misogynistic problems, Underwood is one of few female artists to continue pushing against those boundaries. So far it’s worked. While the song,… Continue reading Album Review: Carrie Underwood – ‘Cry Pretty’