Song Review: Brad Paisley – “My Miracle”

The short version: Brad Paisley’s new single is fairly predictable all around, but you could certainly do worse I guess.  

  • Writers: Brad Paisley, Gary Nicholson
  • Rating: 6/10

The long version: As a fan, it’s sad watching Brad Paisley’s recent radio struggles.

As a critic, it’s understandable and happens to everyone, but it doesn’t make it easier. But also as a critic, I should have seen the rollout for Paisley’s new single coming from a mile away. While Paisley has been one of country music’s most creative artists, even he operates using a formula from time to time. Goofy songs like “Alcohol” lead to followups about the love of his life in “The World” and “She’s Everything.” “I’m Still A Guy” paves the road for “Then.” You get the point. As such, when radio didn’t take kindly to the fun-loving “Bucked Off,” it was time for Paisley to return to his lovestruck nature.

When judging this for what it is, “My Miracle” is a well-intentioned, but very plain love song that treads no new ground for Paisley or is honestly worth more than a few spins. For 2019 country radio though, you could certainly do worse. The song’s reliance on warm acoustic and steel guitar, piano, and bluesy, burnished electric guitar creates a mix that fits into Paisley’s wheelhouse.

Granted, the laid-back atmosphere of the track is almost baffling for two reasons. One, the song’s lyricism relies heavily on showcasing the power of the love for his life through grand religious metaphors, and yet that excitement is never matched within the song. It’s almost as if the song is gearing us up for some big sweeping statement only for it to never come to fruition.

The other reason, however, is that while I give points to Paisley for flexing his instrumental muscles with a decent solo toward the song’s end, I can’t help but think that time spent could have gone toward crafting a more interesting song instead. From the song’s lyrics, the grand comparisons made aren’t really for much of anything, as the song mostly focuses on Paisley’s feelings over the situation rather than flesh out the interesting details. The sentiment is genuine considering Paisley is equally adept at selling humorous and serious songs, but there’s little reason to care. The most interesting detail we get is the scene of their initial fateful meeting, and even that’s relegated to one line.

Overall though, there’s a limit to how much one can truly criticize “My Miracle” considering it’s really only got one focus in mind. In that case, while it certainly won’t fail to stir interest for some listeners, “My Miracle” is nonetheless just an alright song that fits squarely into Paisley’s wheelhouse and aims for the mark it’s targeting. You’ve heard this song before, but Paisley at least sells the song with genuine interest and sincerity.

(Light 6/10)

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