Introducing a New Playlist – The “Boom” Box

I will likely ramble on way too long for a simple post about a new playlist I created, but here it goes. I’ve begun a new playlist designed to better work with both my album reviews and Boom-or-Bust Jukebox feature. In the past, I operated a playlist that I updated sparingly, so as to only my absolute favorite songs of the year. I’m creating a new one that’s more open and will updated much more frequently, so as to coincide with my other trend of finding structure with this outlet this year.

So, what’s on the playlist and what’s the structure like?

  • Anything designated as a “Boom” from my Boom-or-Bust Jukebox feature will be included in the playlist.
  • I will include up to three favorite songs per album that I review, so as to give people an opportunity to decide for themselves whether or not they want to check it out further. Songs will not be added from albums until the reviews are published.
  • If a designated “Boom” song leads to an eventual album release, the song will be deleted and added back with the other two album tracks, if it’s a top three favorite on the album, or taken off entirely if not, so as to make room for three brand new (what I think are even better) songs.

Unfortunately, the playlist is only available on Spotify for right now. If I had access to other platforms, I’d use them. I apologize for the inconvenience, but if you’d like to follow it, click here.

I think this will lead to a better-flowing playlist that’s a bit more diverse than the old one, and will offer an opportunity to sample songs, even though I also supply YouTube videos with every review, too. At any rate, thanks for reading and following!

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