Song Review: Chris Young – “Raised On Country”

The short version: “Raised On Country” is the latest addition to a long line of singles addressing authenticity concerns. Chris Young may make the track go down smoother than similar artists due to his stellar voice, but “Raised On Country” is more of a name-drop contest than a fitting tribute to musical heroes. Writers: Chris… Continue reading Song Review: Chris Young – “Raised On Country”

Song Review: Carly Pearce – “Closer To You”

Carly Pearce unfortunately has a tougher battle to fight in the mainstream country scene than her male colleagues. With that said, while I’m not surprised to hear something more radio friendly from her after “Hide The Wine” struggled for a top 15 finish, I’m still disappointed. “Closer To You” starts off worse than it actually… Continue reading Song Review: Carly Pearce – “Closer To You”

Album Review: William Clark Green – ‘Hebert Island’

The short version: ‘Hebert Island’ is a messy, unfocused listen that gets it right in certain spots and totally fails in others. The long version: Despite some young blood emerging in the Texas country scene, William Clark Green still feels more like the hunter than the prey. His brand of fierce, unapologetic, biting lyricism combined… Continue reading Album Review: William Clark Green – ‘Hebert Island’

Album Review: Dillon Carmichael – ‘Hell On An Angel’

The short version: Dillon Carmichael is a talented vocalist, and the best cuts on his debut album are excellent. With that said, it also feels like he’s copying his influences rather than showcasing who he is as an artist on ‘Hell On An Angel.’  The long version: Sometimes albums will just jump out at you… Continue reading Album Review: Dillon Carmichael – ‘Hell On An Angel’

Album Review: Carrie Underwood – ‘Cry Pretty’

This is a re-uploaded post.  Carrie Underwood’s label switch from Sony Music Nashville to Capitol Records Nashville was a crucial and mysterious move. As the country music industry continues to succumb to ongoing misogynistic problems, Underwood is one of few female artists to continue pushing against those boundaries. So far it’s worked. While the song,… Continue reading Album Review: Carrie Underwood – ‘Cry Pretty’