Album Review: Ben Jarrell – ‘Troubled Times’

The short version: Ben Jarrell’s ‘Troubled Times’ opens a door for a new generation of blistering, good-timing, outlaw and honky tonk country music. Favorite tracks: “Daddy’s Prison Radio,” “Big Iron Train,” “Black Helicopter,” “Colorado Bound,” “Troubled Times In A Tribal Town” Least favorite track: “Marissa” Rating: 8/10 The long version: There’s times where the formation… Continue reading Album Review: Ben Jarrell – ‘Troubled Times’

Album Review: The Steel Woods – ‘Old News’

The short version: The Steel Woods’ sophomore effort is somehow even better than their debut album. It’s a striking concept record filled with great stories, fantastic riffs and some of their stickiest hooks yet. In short, it’s an early contender for one of 2019’s best albums. Favorite tracks: “Rock That Says My Name,” “Without You,”… Continue reading Album Review: The Steel Woods – ‘Old News’