Song Review: LANCO – “Rival”

The short version: “Rival” is nothing short of an unfortunate disaster. Writers:  Brandon Lancaster, Tripp Howell Rating: 3/10 The long version: When you try to please everyone, you usually end up pleasing no one. LANCO is a band that’s hard to pin down as far as sonic cohesion is concerned. While their debut single, “Long… Continue reading Song Review: LANCO – “Rival”

Song Review: HARDY – “REDNECKER”

The short version: “REDNECKER” may not be the worst song in country music, but it’s certainly the dumbest. Writers: HARDY, Andy Albert and Jordan Schmidt Rating: 3/10 The long version: You know we’ve hit rock bottom in country music when newcomers are starting to replicate the C-list country artists. As for newcomer HARDY (Michael Hardy),… Continue reading Song Review: HARDY – “REDNECKER”

Album Review: Mitchell Tenpenny – ‘Telling All My Secrets’

The short version: Even without “Bitches,” Mitchell Tenpenny still offers almost nothing worthwhile on ‘Telling All My Secrets,’ even going so far as to adopt the same unlikable personality on a few tracks. The long version: Mitchell Tenpenny obviously started off on the wrong foot with country music critics. Granted, the song that inspired his… Continue reading Album Review: Mitchell Tenpenny – ‘Telling All My Secrets’