Quick Draw Single Reviews Vol. 8

Quick Draw Single Reviews is a recurring feature where I cover multiple new country airplay singles and standalone songs in a gauntlet style format, in order from best to worst. Jessi Alexander – “Mama Drank” (written by Jessi Alexander and Jon Randall) Considering the track record left behind from acts like Lori McKenna, Caitlyn Smith,… Continue reading Quick Draw Single Reviews Vol. 8

Album Review: Florida Georgia Line – ‘Can’t Say I Ain’t Country’

The short version: If Florida Georgia Line had left the marketing, pandering, and machismo out of their music, ‘Can’t Say I Ain’t Country’ might have actually been decent. Favorite tracks: “Speed Of Love,” “Simple,” “Colorado” Least favorite track: “Swerve” and all of the skits Rating: 4/10 The long version: Florida Georgia Line aren’t going away… Continue reading Album Review: Florida Georgia Line – ‘Can’t Say I Ain’t Country’

Song Review: HARDY – “REDNECKER”

The short version: “REDNECKER” may not be the worst song in country music, but it’s certainly the dumbest. Writers: HARDY, Andy Albert and Jordan Schmidt Rating: 3/10 The long version: You know we’ve hit rock bottom in country music when newcomers are starting to replicate the C-list country artists. As for newcomer HARDY (Michael Hardy),… Continue reading Song Review: HARDY – “REDNECKER”