Song Review: Luke Combs – “When It Rains It Pours”

This is a republished post, backdated to reflect that, and posted again for reader visibility and edited for past grammatical errors/sentence structure issues. Ironically enough, this review doesn’t reflect my thoughts on this song today. Still, enjoy, I guess?

I’m not sure I’m sold on Luke Combs as an artist.

Sure, he’s filling the role of the relatable, everyday man who will probably become mainstream country’s poster child for “working man’s” country, but his debut album had to be one of the safest, most boring listens of this calendar year.

I’ll give Luke this, he’s got charisma, and that’s hard to fake. That’s why I loved “Honky Tonk Highway” so much. However, Luke instead chooses to use that personality and charisma on … juvenile humor – this song being a prime example of that.

I get that it’s all meant to be a big joke and that we shouldn’t take any of this seriously, but that doesn’t mean it’s excused from criticism. For starters, the chances of any of the things he mentions doing (or winning, rather) in this song are possible, sure, but it’s highly unlikely he has all of this stuff happening to him, you know, at once.

Moreover, he comes across more as a jackass rather than someone I can laugh with. Sure, maybe your ex-girlfriend dumped you without hearing your side of the story, but come on dude, if you admit to us that you were out partying the night before (without her?), you’re not exactly the best boyfriend out there, are you?

So, is there anything redeeming to this? Somewhat. Sonically, it’s nice. You get somewhat of a mid 2000’s country vibe from this, and it’s nice to hear some real instruments in this. And like I said, while Luke’s personality here is absolutely ghastly, he’s still got the charisma, and that does count. But that’s about it. Otherwise, while this will be one of the more unique singles at country radio coming up soon, unique doesn’t always mean good, and this song is an example of that.

Grade: 4/10

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