The Musical Divide’s Top 20 Singles Of 2018

It’s that time of the year again. The list-pocalypse will soon arrive to haunt us all. While I plan on waiting to release my songs and albums lists until Jan. 2019, singles are a bit of a different animal. To be eligible for my “best singles” list, the single had to be released anywhere from… Continue reading The Musical Divide’s Top 20 Singles Of 2018

Album Review: Jimmie Allen – ‘Mercury Lane’

The short version: Jimmie Allen is a decent melodic composer, and coming off ‘Best Shot’ I was interested in hearing more of his music. His debut album plays things way too safe though and is anything except the direction he should be taking with his music.  Despite mainstream country music churning out one factory-made male… Continue reading Album Review: Jimmie Allen – ‘Mercury Lane’